The rising urban challenges faced by public transportation agencies—specifically, funding and an aging infrastructure—is driving the need for increased efficiency and integrated systems across an enterprise. UCI partners with transportation organizations to meet their technology requirements in a cost-effective and productive manner, while maintaining a high level of transit service and quality. Our team has experience in many facets of transportation, including public transit, bridges, tunnels, airports and ports.

From strengthening existing technological capabilities, to increasing access to information, to developing shared services, and ensuring the security of systems and users, UCI’s experts have the experience to meet the transportation industry’s needs.UCI offers services in the key areas required by today’s transportation agencies, such as in the area of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system assessment, implementation, integration, and support, shared services and legacy modernization. We strive to assist transportation clients with the planning, implementation, and effective use of emerging information technologies to better meet their business requirements.UCI provides the following services to transportation: