VMware software can be used throughout your enterprise -- from the desktop to the data center -- to minimize total cost of ownership (TCO) of computing infrastructure by maximizing its manageability, flexibility, and efficiency. By running services in virtual machines spread across one or more PCs, VMware software helps businesses save money while gaining greater flexibility and control over their computing resources. Unique Comp INC, is an Enterprise Partner and Reseller of VMWARE products and provide the professional services such as Infrastructure/Server assessment, System Integration, Testing and Implementation.


Optimizing enterprise computing
Leveraging industry standard x86-architecture hardware

Unifying management of diverse environments including Microsoft Windows, Linux and Novell operating systems.
Lower hardware acquisition and maintenance costs
Consolidation of idle system resources
Increased operational efficiency
Cost-effective and consistent production environments


Monitor and control all your VMware servers and virtual machines from a single view or "dashboard"

Organize your VMware server hosts and virtual machines into logical units of farms and groups

Restrict access and delegate fine-grained permissions to administrators and users based on existing Windows authentication mechanisms
Create and configure virtual machines
Monitor and adjust virtual machine resource usage
Build template virtual machines to be used for rapid provisioning
Clone and customize virtual machines
Migrate running virtual machines between VMware server hosts with VMotion

Schedule tasks and set alarm triggers that generate automated notifications and alerts
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