Financial Agencies

Headquartered in New York City UCI specializes in providing Information Technology Services for Wall Street firms. For over a decade, UCI has collaborated with all of the major business, technology and other stakeholders within Financial Services organization to support, and transform their infrastructures. Our end-to-end Financial Services Infrastructure solutions encompass:

  • System and Data Availability and Business Continuity: Server, storage and backup and recovery solutions that enable a true high-availability and recoverable environment for data used in highly-sensitive transactions, reporting, mail and messaging and customer-facing portals and that keep systems up and running 24x7 to support essential real-time transactions.
  • Security: Ensuring bullet-proof infrastructures and data, with protection from vulnerabilities such as downtime, information and system theft, web hacking and spoofing, natural and other man-made disasters.
  • Optimization: We help you to best utilize existing technologies and introduce economical, powerful new systems and services that support your business growth.
  • Data Centers: Dramatically reduced data center design, migration and consolidation costs related to mergers and acquisitions, relocations and real estate diversifications.
  • Virtualization: We promote, help you to explore, and design and implement partially or fully virtualized technology solutions that reduce your real estate burden, increase your state or nationwide and global reach and give you more power with less.
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